Friday, January 29, 2010

Mamaphiles #4 is out!!!

MamaPhiles #4 "Raising Hell"
118 pages, half size

Thirty-one different zine-making parents write on one theme within this collaborative collection! The first Mamaphiles issue was "birth"; the second issue was "cutting the cord"; the third issue (which first opened up to fathers' voices) was "coming home". Now it's time to get out in the streets! We wanted to choose a theme that shakes things up a bit, a theme that could encourage writing about what was going on our lives as well as outward reflections on the world. "Raising Hell" was first suggested as almost a joke, but it kind of had a ring, you know? Rearing kids is hard work; it kind of is Hell, even if it's the most rewarding hell out there. And like Henry Miller wrote in Big Sur and the oranges of Hieronymus Bosch, "children are natural-born hell-raisers". Also there are connotations in this phrase of dissatisfaction, action, and willful objection. However you interpret this phrase: from rabble-rousing to toddler chasing - it's revolution in motion.

31 mama and papa zinesters!

Trula Breckenridge/Positive Emergence
Mariah Boone/ Lone Star Ma
Charlie/The Nose Knows
Sky Cosby / Pirate Papa : An Anarcho-Green Journal of D(o)-I(t)-Y(ourself) Parenting
Robin Dutton-Cookston/Apron Strings
Kate Haas/Miranda
Heather Jackson/madiburl and mindfuck revolutions
Rahula Janowski/ Joybringer
Katie Kaput/ Night Cookies
Victoria Law/ Tenacious
Corbin Lewars/ Reality Mom
China Martens/ The Future Generation
Noemi Martinez/ Hermana, Resist
Lamesha Melton/ Cocoa/Puss Zine
Jessica Mills/ My Mother Wears Combat Boots
Tomas Moniz/Rad Dad
Angela Morrill/ I Always Wanted to Learn Tai Chiconnie murillo/ The Peep Show
Coleen Murphy/ Once Upon a Photobooth/the Mama Calendar
Celia Perez/Roots & Wings
redguard/Absent Cause
Nic Ramirez-Riesen/ LA DAMA ZINE
Anna Rose
Brandon McClendon-Rose / VIVA LOVE
Mariahadessa Ekere Tallie/ Mother Nature
Raye Tibbitts/ Bad Mother Chronicles
Robert Trujillo/SS
Regina Walker / Recovering Me
Anna Westley/Habit
Mai'a Williams/ Revolutionary Motherhood Zine
Christina-Marie Wright/Gonzo Parenting Zine

For more info on Mamaphiles:

NOW AVAILABLE AT: Confluence Media Collective

Mamaphiles c/o
Confluence Media Collective
P.O. Box 186
Grand Junction, CO 81502
Please make checks payable to: Grand Junction Alternative Media
Make sure to note what zine you are ordering.


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