Tuesday, December 18, 2007

More feedback...

Dear Jessica ~

Your books arrived today! Yeah! Thank You!
I opened it up coincidentally to the chapter on breat feeding~
I breast fed Kyle until he was 3 years 3 months ~ not all that frequently
toward the end ~ just at nap time and bed time. Of course he was eating
food too starting around one year. But omg it brought back memories and I can't imagine feeding him any other way~the story about how I weened him I will save until we see you!

Your writing is fantastic and the book...just great! I can't wait to share it with new moms!


Monday, December 10, 2007

Teajay writes...

i just wanted to say that i am about a third of the way through your book
and i am really enjoying it

there was a particular section
where you were describing the reasoning behind responding to your baby's cries quickly
and not letting them "cry it out"
as a sign of respect for the baby's feelings
to build a foundation of trust

i almost cried

it put to words exactly what i had felt for myself when people would question my dedication to making my baby happy
with claims that i would spoil them

thank you

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Thanks, mom, yours is sweet :)


From Luci Westphal's blog, back in August ...

Here, at Luci's "Good Hard Working People" blog, you can read a bit about Daddy 'Nesto and the part of his summer spent in NYC and also see the 1st cover of My Mother Wears Combat Boots that Cristy Road drew -


And in case you didn't know, Luci flat out rocks, rules & is an amazing person by all counts!

MMWCB on Jen Angel's blog, Aid & Abet


Tuesday, December 4, 2007

What two more folks wrote me today ...

"Combat Boots" is great. I stayed up bleary-eyed last night,
fascinated with your account of first childbirth. Wow. So
interesting. It sounds like you ended up at AGH (4th floor?); I work
there now, for the Children's Hospital (which was moved over there
last year), so... 4th floor is mother-baby, I know. It's cool reading
about all the G'ville stuff (bands, people, etc.) as it pops up here
and there; and hearing about Ernesto is really cool, too. You both
come to life through the book, your journey, struggle, and ultimate
success are palpable. I am struck by how much work parenting is! I
think your perspective on it is great, and read with interest as
someone who is currently not a parent, or even in a partnership!" - Ian S.

"We got a copy of your book this weekend.....Kris snagged it first and was
thoroughly enjoying it last night on the couch!" - Karl B.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Some kind words so far...

So far, so good. In the last couple of weeks, the book's been getting out and read. Here's what a few friendly folks have had to say, including my mom ...

" ... I can't sit down and read your book without crying. It's so good and your commitment to the subject matter is so apparent. You were always an inspiration to me in that way, far after I had given up! "Parenting is living a life of daily revolution" is just so true and helps me deal with everything going on." - Elizabeth B.

"I've spent a lot of time with your book, read it all, turned back page corners to my favorite sections - and I can say, I really do love your book. What an endeavor!" - China M.

"The book is so great because you are so great...a
great mom, partner, writer, teacher, activist, musician, etc. The
book is an extension of your amazing talents and mind!" - Ellen C.

"I got your book today. It is beautiful. You did an amazing job. I got tears in my eyes..." -Adriana A.

"When are they gonna make it into a movie?" - Amy H.

"Spent the afternoon with baby Townes sleeping on me reading and skimming. Amazing job! It's really turned out great. Really and truly. Read out loud to Mel and we were both very impressed (and psyched on having some questions answered). We laughed a lot at the pooping in the tour van story and got misty at the end of booby story. We truly hope this book reaches lots of folks!!!! (p.s. we hope there is a sequel featuring maya!)" -C/M/T

"I hereby name you Mrs. Punker McPhessor. I love your writing style. And you could be teaching any higher education course in parenting." - my mom!