Tuesday, December 4, 2007

What two more folks wrote me today ...

"Combat Boots" is great. I stayed up bleary-eyed last night,
fascinated with your account of first childbirth. Wow. So
interesting. It sounds like you ended up at AGH (4th floor?); I work
there now, for the Children's Hospital (which was moved over there
last year), so... 4th floor is mother-baby, I know. It's cool reading
about all the G'ville stuff (bands, people, etc.) as it pops up here
and there; and hearing about Ernesto is really cool, too. You both
come to life through the book, your journey, struggle, and ultimate
success are palpable. I am struck by how much work parenting is! I
think your perspective on it is great, and read with interest as
someone who is currently not a parent, or even in a partnership!" - Ian S.

"We got a copy of your book this weekend.....Kris snagged it first and was
thoroughly enjoying it last night on the couch!" - Karl B.

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