Sunday, December 2, 2007

Some kind words so far...

So far, so good. In the last couple of weeks, the book's been getting out and read. Here's what a few friendly folks have had to say, including my mom ...

" ... I can't sit down and read your book without crying. It's so good and your commitment to the subject matter is so apparent. You were always an inspiration to me in that way, far after I had given up! "Parenting is living a life of daily revolution" is just so true and helps me deal with everything going on." - Elizabeth B.

"I've spent a lot of time with your book, read it all, turned back page corners to my favorite sections - and I can say, I really do love your book. What an endeavor!" - China M.

"The book is so great because you are so great...a
great mom, partner, writer, teacher, activist, musician, etc. The
book is an extension of your amazing talents and mind!" - Ellen C.

"I got your book today. It is beautiful. You did an amazing job. I got tears in my eyes..." -Adriana A.

"When are they gonna make it into a movie?" - Amy H.

"Spent the afternoon with baby Townes sleeping on me reading and skimming. Amazing job! It's really turned out great. Really and truly. Read out loud to Mel and we were both very impressed (and psyched on having some questions answered). We laughed a lot at the pooping in the tour van story and got misty at the end of booby story. We truly hope this book reaches lots of folks!!!! (p.s. we hope there is a sequel featuring maya!)" -C/M/T

"I hereby name you Mrs. Punker McPhessor. I love your writing style. And you could be teaching any higher education course in parenting." - my mom!

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