Monday, September 15, 2008

Thanks, Boing Boing!

Cory Doctorow did me right with this review of my book:

Now the comments section is another story. I may go on and on another time about what my thoughts and feelings were while reading through them, but in a nutshell: it made me feel vulnerable, exposed, and wondering how so many perfect strangers who haven't read word one of my book could be so misinformed, mean and defensive. Hmmm...
I will say thank you to those who have read my book and responded accordingly, Thank You! And a huge Thank You to Cory, too! You rock :)

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Mark said...

Heh - don't sweat it - I'm sure I'm not the only one that bought the book precisely because of the comments on boingboing. It seemed to me that people who had read the book were glowing in their praise, and most of the negative reviews just assumed it would be bad advice. Nothing worse than a closed mind, eh?

Myself and my parter are due our first baby in March and up to now have been reading mainstream childrearing/pregnancy books. I've only read the first few chapters but already Combat Boots is a breath of fresh air.It has given some balance to all the mainstream stuff and is far more entertaining, down to earth and practical.

Anna is currently reading a book on Hypno-birthing which pushes the natural birth thing - letting your body do it's thing in it's own good time and focusing on relaxing and breathing. If there's no complicaitons then whay make them?

I'm also currently reading The Baby Owner's Manual. It's written by Dads for Dads in the style of a technical manual, which is perfect as some of the instinctive stuff is lost on us men.

Thanks for writing the book and keep up the good work!